Latvia and Ukraine Business



My aim with consulting in Latvia is to provide managers of small and medium sized businesses with an extra brain to help them develop their companies. My work can be short and simple to deliver – like writing a report and giving recommendations (which I would always be happy to help make happen) – to more developed and long term work like LEAN improvement or training. It could also mean recruitment and  head-hunting or reshaping completely an existing team or organisation. I have strong and skilled consultant colleagues in UK on call who can help with everything from LEAN to reforming hospitals, education  or railways.

I can also help any company refocus and reshape itself by looking at mission, values and tasks. This can be made more coherent by being tied together with training of middle management and,  for example sales teams.

Recently  I have spent time working with the defence ministries of Ukraine and Kosovo. I will use the same tried and tested tools and ideas with them that I use with Latvian Business.

The basic idea is to get the company policy right first, with the right ideas, values and missions. Then the right capabilities are needed to complete the tasks. These capabilities are based upon doctrine (how things are to be done and what is then taught), people, equipment, training and structures. All must be balanced against costs, efficiency and effectiveness at every stage. The key is to unleash the energies and skills of the workforce.

What is important for me is that I am used properly. I do not want take money for no real work or effect. I want to create genuine and positive change in any organisation I work in. If the company does not really want reform, then I really do not want the job. Although I will give 110% on any piece of work no matter how short or simple, I prefer to work with a company over several years building each time upon what we have done before. If you are interested then please ring me for a chat – or ask me to visit.   00371 20226612

References upon request. You will get value for moeny and will not be dissapointed

Latvia and Ukraine Business